I keep my sailboat at Eagle Mountain Lake in Texas. The full-pool water level of the lake is 649 feet elevation, but there’s been a steady decline in the level recently. This summer has been a very dry summer and the declining water level finally affected my ability to easily go sailing. As I write this post, the level is 7.32 feet low. This low level made it difficult to get out of the marina where my slip is located, so I had to move the boat to a different marina.

I liked the marina where I was previously. It was a little more convenient to drive to and there were more boats around me which meant more people to talk to and socialize with. But the new marina I’m at now is newer and seems more secure. There’s less people, but the three guys I normally hang out with moved their boats as well, so we’re still in the same area.

A great benefit to the new location is that it’s a LOT less motoring to get out of the harbor when I go sailing. I also have a pretty good, unobstructed view from my slip!

New view from bow of sailboat

New view from bow of sailboat in the new slip!