Police officer by day, researcher of all things sailing and cruising by night. 🙂 I have been in law enforcement since 1995. I served for 4 years as a military policeman in the U.S. Air Force [traveling to 36 different countries]. Since serving in the Air Force, I’ve been a municipal police officer for a medium-sized suburb of Fort Worth, TX since 1999. I’m a field training officer, hostage negotiator on the SWAT team, and bicycle patrol officer.

For several years I operated successful part time businesses. A home inspection business [which unfortunately had to be closed due to an on-duty injury] and a website development business which helps small and medium sized businesses establish an effective web presence.



My faithful sidekick. She didn’t like boats, docks or water initially, but she’s become very accustomed now and really enjoys her time on the water.


  • love site, thank you for serving city-country not just words heart felt. i was military police also u s navy in the Philippines, a pastor now in SC will be praying for you and your dept. be blessed

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