I don’t have the “home on the water” yet. I’ve got a couple years until I retire, so during that time there will obviously be a lot of researching and option-weighing. I initially vacillated a lot on whether to make a powerboat or a sailboat our home for cruising, but it looks like a sailboat has won that battle. The idea of the freedoms a sailboat brings is somewhat spiritual in nature….the oneness of nature and man.  Ahhh…I already feel lighter just thinking about it.

As I grow the lists of “needs“, “wants” and “would be nice to haves,” I’ll post them here.

1979 Catalina 25 Tall Rig [already named Jazzmin] purchased in June, 2016.


Hull Type: Fin with transom-hung rudder
Rig Type: Masthead Sloop
LOA: 25.00′ / 7.62m
LWL: 22.17′ / 6.76m
Beam: 8.00′ / 2.44m
Listed SA: 271 ft2 / 25.18 m2
Draft (max.): 4.00′ / 1.22m
Disp.: 4550 lbs./ 2064 kgs.
Ballast: 1900 lbs. / 862 kgs.
Designer: Frank Butler



The Hunter 25 has been retired and replaced by the Catalina 25.


Here’s a few stats on the Hunter 25 for those who are interested:

Hull Type: Fin with rudder on skeg
Rig Type
: Masthead Sloop
LOA: 24.83′ / 7.57m
LWL: 20.17′ / 6.15m
Beam: 8.00′ / 2.44m
Listed SA: 257 ft2 / 23.88 m2
Draft (max.): 3.92′ / 1.19m
Disp.: 3850 lbs./ 1746 kgs.
Ballast: 1800 lbs. / 816 kgs.
Designer: John Cherubini/Bob Seidelmann
Specs on SailboatData.com

I’ll keep this page updated during the entire process and I’ll probably be seeking advice as well when it comes time for purchase!



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