I am happy; I am content; I am at peace. Three simple statements, but oh, how much meaning is contained within those ten words!

The fullness of my life is finally in line with the fullness of my sails. I don’t live on a boat full-time….not yet. But that’s about the only thing that would make my life any better right now. The closeness of family, the love of my wife, and the availability of sailing time is keeping me content.

Last month, December 2017, I finally retired from my position as a police patrol officer after more than 22 years of doing that job. I know what you’re thinking…retirement…they’re living on a sailboat and gonna travel the world!! Well, not yet. I was able to enjoy an entire four days of retirement, however! We’re still working toward the living on a boat dream, but in the meantime, I was hired as a Criminal Investigator for the District Attorney’s Office. It’s really a good career change for me. I’m working with some great people who thoroughly enjoy their jobs and are happy. The enviornment is completely different than the PD. I didn’t realize just how much the day-to-day grind of that job affected me until I noticed a couple of weeks into the new job that I didn’t need to take my daily dose of over-the-counter antacid prevention medicine.

I get to sail at least once a week on my Wednesday night men’s sailing group and that helps to maintain my peace. Henry David Thoreau said,

“The sail, the play of its pulse so like our own lives: so thin and yet so full of life, so noiseless when it labors hardest, so noisy and impatient when least effective.”

This quote really struck a chord with me and reminds me of life. When sails are working their hardest and accomplishing the most, they are full and quiet. When the sails are struggling and not efficient, they’re very noisy. It parallels some aspects of our lives. When we’re content and working hard to accomplish a goal, we are usually quiet and oriented, not expending energy on distractions or making noise. Likewise, when we’re struggling with something or unable to maintain a proper course, we need adjustment just as one would adjust a sail.

So, for now, I’m sailing on Wednesday’s and every other Saturday. Still seeking the wind that helps to maintain the shape of my soul, I mean sail.