Long-time readers of my blog might recall these past posts [http://fillingthesails.com/greatest-frustration/ and http://fillingthesails.com/maiden-voyage/] regarding the problems I’ve experienced with the outboard motor. These problems have pretty much been a constant issue since I purchased the boat. Some days better than others, but ultimately it’s been such a downer. I was commenting to my girlfriend the other day about how much of a joy-stealer it is when I’m on my way to the marina and the whole way out I’m wondering if my motor will start when I get there. Or if it does start and I get out sailing, will it start when I’m ready to return? True to the post title, the motor really has been the greatest source of frustration with this boat.

The motor that was mounted when I bought the boat is a 1978 Evinrude 9.9. Well, a couple months ago I got a [non-running] 1981 Evinrude 9.9 from a friend who occupies the slip next to mine. With the help of a different friend, I was able to Frankenstein the two motors together to get one motor that actually ran fairly well while we had it mounted in a recycle container full of water. You can imagine my joy!! 🙂

But when we mounted the motor on the boat, and it was under a load, problems manifested once again. The motor would idle in neutral just fine, but when I put it in forward gear it would lose throttle down to the point where it would die unless I constantly maintained high throttle on the tiller. Another issue was that it would not stay in gear at all when in reverse. In reverse, as soon as any throttle was given, it would kick itself back to neutral. It would do the same thing in forward gear about 50% of the time when I applied a higher throttle.

These issues might just be something simple and inexpensive to troubleshoot and repair…..or they might be difficult and expensive. My money’s on the latter, considering my previous experience with them.

I think it’s about time to just break down and get a new motor. I could sell the semi-working and non-working Evinrude motors I have to recoup a majority of the cost of a new motor. Or I could just drop ’em in the lake! At this point, I’m game for either one. 🙂

At least that way, I might put the greatest source of my frustration behind me!