I’ve read a few blogs about having pets onboard while boating/cruising, but I’ve never personally talked with someone who does it. I’ve been curious how well my dog will do on a boat.

I have a Jack Russell Terrier mix, Karma. She’s a small dog, so she obviously won’t take up too much space. I’ve had her on road trips before and she got a little car-sick on her very first trip, but since then hasn’t had any problems.

I guess what I’m more concerned about instead of motion sickness is where she’ll “go do her business” if you know what I mean? I’ve heard of people training their pets on board to go on a piece of astro-turf and so far that seems to be the most likely method of success. But I’m curious about any other suggestions or successes anyone has had with their pets onboard?

Do you or someone you know have their pets onboard? How does it work? Please comment and let me know. Thanks!