One of the (many) sailing books I’m currently reading is Solitaire Spirit by Les Powles. It was on the recommended list after I finished a previous book.

I just started it and already in the foreword, it’s hit exactly on something that is very personal and dear to me. The foreword, written by Paul Gelder, says…

The inspiration to cast off comes in many forms. For some it might be a book, like this one, or a hero they have met, or some more intangible, divine intervention.

That last part where he mentions an intangible, divine intervention, is what struck me the most because that’s exactly how my desire to set sail was planted inside me. As I mentioned in another post, the inspiration came from within a dream I had, which I can only describe as divine intervention.

I’ve had such a sense of peace and serenity about this ever since that morning.

Are you currently sailing/cruising? If so, how did your inspiration begin?

Leave a comment and please let us know. Thanks!




p.s., In case you were wondering, I’m not receiving any compensation from anyone for mentioning this book. I enjoy reading and I like to share my thoughts.