Well, we got snow today, making it a very white Christmas in Texas! Unfortunately, I had to work today, but that’s part of the careers I’ve chosen. When I was in the Air Force, there were very few Christmases when I wasn’t deployed overseas. And crime doesn’t stop on the holidays…so I work most of them now, too. As a result of all this, there’s obviously been many instances when I’ve not been able to spend any time with loved ones for major holidays. I certainly miss that and have difficulty accepting that loss at times, but I know that I am cared for and my family understands the responsibility, even if they sometimes don’t like it either.

I drove by the police department and took this photo of my car parked in the lot. Gonna be fun driving home!

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Cherish the time you get to spend with those you care about the most.