In the middle of my “To Do” list was a little drawing of me on a sailboat! Technically, it is on my “to do” list since I start my first sailing class today!  I know what you’re thinking…didn’t he post a couple months ago that his sailing lesson were in June? Yes, I did, but due to a couple of scheduling conflicts it was postponed.

I’m happy to report that today is the day. I won’t actually hit the water (hope I don’t actually hit the water) until Saturday, since today is the classroom portion of the course. According to the website, we’ll be focusing on sailing theory [sounds interesting], tacks and points of sail [probably learn more by doing that on the water], rigging and unrigging, coming about and jibing [sounds fun!], use of outboard motors [wait, I thought this was a sailboat!  lol], basic knots [already started learning those], and skipper and crew responsibilities [just tell me what I need to do].

I’ve been so anxious for this day to come….wish me luck!


Shouldn’t this be on everyone’s “To Do” list?