Took the boat out yesterday for about three hours on the lake. Had a great time getting to know the boat. I enjoyed some nice winds in the 9-10 mph range with gusts to 18.

I only had one real issue and that happened when I tightened the boom vang. The topping lift came off. I realized later it wasn’t actually the wire that broke, but the rotted little line that it attached to.

The outboard motor died on the way back into the harbor, but thankfully I still carried enough speed to coast right back into the slip uneventfully. I need to troubleshoot why the engine dies when I reduce throttle to an idle.

Logged 9.21 miles (that’s in statute miles, not nautical) in just under 3 hours of moving time. Maximum speed was 5.8 mph. I think I need to get the bottom cleaned… πŸ™‚

Here’s a screenshot of the maiden voyage sailing route.


Maiden voyage: Hunter 25