I started thinking about the lifestyle I’m working toward and being able to roam beaches that very few, if any, people have ever seen. I think that’s a big part of the allure of cruising for me. I long to explore places that others only dream of. I want to know what it feels like to really understand the world around me. It’s all a gift from God that I think too many people are too busy to fully experience.

I’ve read that once you rid yourself of day to day distractions (traffic, mortgages, work spaces, a million people cramping your personal space, etc., etc.) then you are better able to understand the world and how it works so much easier and intuitively. Such as being able to read the weather and know what’s going to happen without having to watch the forecast on channel 5.

I remember one time several years ago when I was on a lengthy canoe trip with my brother and two friends from work. We were probably fifty miles from the nearest city in any direction. We had stopped for the night and after cooking our dinner on an open fire and winding down our chatter I looked up and realized how perfectly clear the night sky was. I live in a very populated metropolitan area, so I never get to experience the truly clear night sky without the haze of the city lights interrupting. This sky was so clear we could literally see several satellites in orbit, moving quickly across our field of view. I miss that now. It was truly a magnificent view and I know I probably won’t get to experience that again until I’m far away from civilization again.

Maybe then I really can claim a beach as my own…at least until the tide washes away my name.