Scott and I had some extra time this afternoon, so we went to the boat. Initially, we were only going to test fit the hatch boards to see what, if anything, needed more adjustment. Once we did that, we realized what a beautiful day it was and that it would be a waste not to get some sailing time in.

Scott’s still learning how to sail and how to rig the boat in preparation for sailing, so I assisted him with the bowline knots on the headsail clew. He removed the mainsail cover and hanked on the jib by himself.

Once out of the slip and in open water, Scott hoisted the main then the jib.

We tacked around a couple times and then “Crack….!!!” I heard the tiller break! I could tell it broke at the very back, under the metal brackets. There was enough strength in it to steer, as long as I didn’t put too much stress on it. We immediately turned back toward the marina, dropped the sails and motored back into the slip.

Taken right before the tiller cracked!

Taken right before the tiller cracked!

After unrigging everything, we removed the tiller to inspect the damages. Thankfully (?), the repair I had completed a year ago was holding… it had broken in a different place. I think I’ll go ahead and purchase a new tiller now. I’m not going to keep repairing this 38 year old tiller.