…..would sail as sweet.

Wait a minute, I’m confusing that with a line from Romeo and Juliet, I believe. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”

One of my friends from the dock I’m on compiled a list of all the boats on the dock so we could contact one another in cases of emergency with a boat. During the process he was asking the make/model/length, etc. Then he asked the name. Uhhh…..I’ve got a boat with no name!

I’ve known that since I bought the boat, but never really given it a whole lot of thought since this is my beginner/training boat, not the one we’ll be cruising and voyaging on in the future. I jokingly said to my friend that I should probably name her and he replied it’d be good luck if I did.

I already know what the name of my boat will be when I finally get THE boat that will ultimately be our home. I plan to name her Síochána (hence the blog name).

But now I’m faced with the daunting task of naming this boat! I’ve heard it said that naming a boat is more difficult than naming a child, so I’m rather curious to know how I’m going to fare in this endeavor.

Even though this is a temporary boat I don’t want any cheesy boat names like Breaking Wind or Off Da Hook adorning the stern. Those are kinda funny and no offense to those whose boats have those names…but that’s just not my style. 🙂

So at the risk of hearing all manner of crazy, scary, weird and outlandish boat names, I’m opening this up for suggestions. Post your ideas in the reply section…and maybe, just maybe, you can name my boat!