I sold my Hunter 25 and bought a [slightly] newer Catalina 25. Unlike the Hunter, the Catalina is not a project boat. She sails beautifully and I’ve already enjoyed being out on the water with her several times. She’s also easy on the eyes. The interior is finished and just about everything works from what I can tell so far. But those of you who are boat owners already know that even with a new boat, the to-do lists will be coming sooner rather than later.

I’ve been to the boat several times and sailed a few times so far and each time I identify something that needs to be addressed. Sometimes it’s something that I stumble upon and other times it seems like I go in search of something to add to the list. My wife will tell you, I’m a “list person”. I love lists, especially checklists, so I can check things off as ‘done’. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been known to create a list with check-boxes after I’ve done something, just so I’ll have a completed checklist. Yeah, I’m weird….and a nerd. I know.

So I’ve created a “to-do” list for the Catalina and broken down the list into three categories, which I think will help me manage it with a little more priority. The first category is safety. Obviously that’s paramount. I’ve also got a cosmetic category and comfort category. I guess  I could’ve labeled it: (1) must have/do, (2) should have/do, and (3) would be nice to have/do. ๐Ÿ™‚

My spreadsheet is based in Google Sheets, so I have the ability to embed it on a webpage, so here ya go: It’ll update here automatically as I update it on my Google Drive.

What about you? What’s your boat to-do list look like? How’s it categorized? Sound off in the comments below. Thanks!