Yesterday’s goal was to begin installing the interior hull liner material. I’m happy to say I’ve got most of it completed now.

Here’s a quick video of my progress installing the interior hull liner on the Hunter 25 so far. There will be more to do next time I’m out. I still have to finish the upper portions of the V-berth and both the port side berths.

I’m using a vinyl material, similar to what you’d see used in headliners. It’s heavy enough to be strong and durable, but also light enough to be easy to handle.


You’ll notice some imperfections in the liner, specifically on the starboard berth top portion. I couldn’t get it to lay exactly against the hull because (I’m guessing) the curvature, both vertical and horizontal, of the hull. I might revisit that portion next time and see if I can clean it up at all.

This was an all day project (and I’m only about 75% completed), so obviously I ate and napped…that footage provided free of charge! 🙂