Those of you who’ve followed me for a while know from previous posts that I use an app called My Tracks by Google to track my sailing outings. It’s a great, no frills app that simply works. One thing I also like about it is that once I’m finished sailing, the app has a function that allows me to export the statistics directly to my Google Sheets Sailing Log. All I’ve ever used for tracking my stats is My Tracks.

So needless to say when I logged into my app a few days ago and saw this warning, I was a bit disappointed.

Now I gotta find something else to use...

Now I gotta find something else to use…..and yes, you can see the last time I went sailing was December 22. I missed all of January!


Unfortunately, now I have the pleasure of seeking out a different app to keep track of my sailing stats.

Google recommends a few alternatives, a couple of which I’ve already tried out a little. I’ll be posting my results of testing those apps that make the shortlist later.

In the meantime, what app or apps do you use to track your sailing?