Now that I have your attention….  🙂

It’s downsizing time! I currently occupy a four bedroom home with more than 1800 square feet. My oldest son decided he wants to spend his last year of high school with his mom, so all of a sudden I found myself with about 1000 square feet too much!

I decided there’s no better time than the present to downsize into a smaller space. The ultimate decision landed me in a one-bedroom, 800 square feet apartment. I’ll be saving money, which will help me  to enjoy some much-needed hobbies and  activities. It’ll also make it easier to pad the cruising kitty even more.

Another great thing about this transition are the feelings and experience by ridding myself of all that extra “stuff” that I don’t need, want or even use anymore. What a peaceful feeling!

It’s also a good reminder that when I ultimately move onto a boat in a couple years, there’ll be more downsizing…getting rid of even more stuff!