The second time I took the Catalina out sailing, I noticed something was different than when I sailed the Hunter. Specifically, I couldn’t see in front of the boat because the headsail was attached directly to the deck. When I sailed the Hunter, there was a piece of wire that raised the bottom of the headsail off the deck about a foot so I could see while driving the boat.I didn’t get that off the Hunter when I emptied it out. ๐Ÿ™

One of my new dock friends went home that evening and made this pendant for me. A pendant is a line or wire attached to the tack hook or shackle where you normally attach the tack of the headsail. This allows you to raise the foot/tack of the headsail off the deck. This particular pendant is about 18″ long, so with it installed I can now see under my foresail.

I used it when I went out on my first solo sail with the Catalina and it worked perfectly! Thanks Ric.