I took this on my drive to work a few mornings ago. I was thinking about how much I’m not going to miss this at all!

As I get older and really start to appreciate how short life is, I’m trying to life savor every good experience. Mornings like this, stuck in traffic, reminds me of just how ready I am to be finished with this. I long for a simpler life without the hassles and headaches of morning (and evening) traffic.

Just a personal rambling here, but I know I’m not the only one with this feeling. I’ve only got three years until I’m eligible for retirement, but sometimes I wish I’d been bitten by this “bug” years ago when retirement wasn’t within such close reach.At least then, it may not have been too much to walk away. Now that it’s so close, it’d be foolish to give up that monthly retirement check when I can hold out for just a few more years. Maybe I should start the monthly countdown? Does 35 months sound easier than 3 years?

In the meantime, though, I’m content [for now] to be researching and learning and dreaming. I’m thankful for all the blogs and books I can follow of the people who are out there living their dreams.