Ok, I know the title of this post is somewhat…shall we say…cliche? But since this is my first post, I figured it’s kind of fitting.

I am an aspiring sailor and future cruiser. Like many others, I have a dream to be free from the tethers of land-life. No mortgage, car payments, no concrete and cars [reminds me of a Zac Brown Band song].

My dream is to live on a sailboat and have the freedoms to go where and when I want. I will soon retire from my job as a police officer. This timing also coincides with my sons graduating from high school. What better way to spend “empty nest” time?!

The blog name, Síochána, means “Peace” in Irish.I intend to name the cruising boat Síochána and feel it’s fitting because it’s a very accurate description of the lifestyle I want to live and because of my Irish heritage.

The boat search has already begun. Not in the sense that I’m actually “looking” at boats just yet, but rather researching exactly what I want, a wishlish of sorts. I’m spending countless hours scouring the internet for information and educating myself as much as I can so that when the time comes and the right boat presents herself I’ll be ready to start the journey.

I want to document the process with this blog for myself and family and anyone else who may be inspired and want to live a similar lifestyle.

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More to come…

Síochána [Peace],