I’d rather be hauling out a sailboat.

Here’s a haul-out I’d rather not be dealing with right now. The car started acting up a few days ago and then finally gave up yesterday. It wouldn’t even start so I could drive it to the repair shop; instead, I had to have it towed to my mechanic.  I was hoping it’d just be a simple sensor that needed replacing or something equally as easy [and inexpensive]. Nope, not with my luck. I went by there today and saw the entire top half of the engine off!

Apparently some plastic part that’s in close proximity to the timing chain broke and the shrapnel from that caused the timing chain to break. That led to a complete malfunction consisting of bent valves, rods, broken lifters, etc. Big mess! I almost had to go home sick when I learned this… I could almost hear the sound of money flying out of my pocket…money I don’t have.

Engine Problems

Engine Problems

Thankfully, I know my mechanic very well so I know I’ll get a reasonable price, but it’s still gonna hurt.

I certainly hope when it comes to sailboats, haul-outs don’t turn this ugly this fast.