Yesterday was a great day for a sail! Weather was sunny with a few clouds, 90 degrees F., winds were between 10-15 mph. Even better was since it was a weekday, I was the only sailboat out enjoying the perfect sailing weather. 🙂

With yesterday’s sail, I edged a little closer to a milestone for me. I put almost 11 statute miles under the keel yesterday and that brings my sailing miles to just over 95 miles. So on my next outing, I’ll most likely pass the 100 mile mark. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere!

While sailing downwind for a bit, I actually did something I’ve never done before. I pulled my jib off on the port side and the main off on the starboard so I was running wing-on-wing sailset. It was fun for about 10 minutes, until the ‘almost’ inevitable happened…the accidental jibe. I was focusing on the foresail [since I don’t have a spinnaker pole to keep it in place] and while making minor adjustment to the rudder, the wind caught the mainsail just right and BOOM! The boom came swinging across so both sails were on a starboard tack.  Here’s the best photo I could get of my wing-on-wing setup.

Wing-on-Wing Sailset

Wing-on-Wing Sailset

Here’s a few photos I snapped while out on the water.


And here’s a little video I made. Enjoy!