Today was a beautiful day to get some sailing in! The temperature was unseasonably high [71 Fahrenheit] with winds from 10-12 mph.

Today was the very first time I’ve ever gone sailing single-handed. A couple other times I went out recently I was doing all the work, but there was someone actually in the boat with me. Today was a little different feeling, though, since I knew I was really all by myself. I’m really glad I decided to go out! It was very cathartic…a kind of soul-cleansing, if you will, considering the changes that occurred last year. At one point today with the sound of the boat rushing through the water powered only by wind and the birds overhead, I was just overtaken by the peacefulness that I have now. I was feeling very grateful and thankful that God’s got my back and looking out for me. 🙂

A friend of mine was participating in a weekly yacht club race, so me and another friend took our boats out [he also has a Hunter 25] to watch the race for a bit. You’ll notice in the graphic below the many back and forth tacks where I was staying in one general area to see the race.

I was able to take a few photos of myself as well as the race. Enjoy!


Single-handed skipper Mike

Single-handed skipper Mike

Weekly race

Weekly race participants. The boat on the far right is a friend who also has a Hunter 25. He’s not in the race, but from this angle, looks like he’s winning it!


The day’s track