I’m hooked….what an experience! On the first sailing day, we made our way to the slip and familiarized ourselves with the J-22 we were using for our class. Got her all rigged up and motored out a ways, raised the sails and nothing happened. There was no wind whatsoever! We floundered around for about an hour but finally had to just call it a [no sailing] day.

But thankfully, the next day we had sustained winds of 5-10 mph, with a few gusts up to 15-18 mph, so the first sail was awesome! After rigging and leaving the slip, we had quite  a bit of sailing time. I’m one of those people who generally learn better by doing, so this really helped put some things into perspective that I previously read about. It’s like  a point of reference I finally had and things started falling into place mentally.

Since pictures are supposed to be worth a thousand words I’ll stop here and just show some pics and video. Enjoy!


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