Karma sporting her new life jacket she got for Christmas. Worked like a charm when I tested it. Or rather when she tested it. Lol. The brand name is Outward Hound and it’s a size small.

I got Karma this life jacket for Christmas. She’d had a couple of ‘close calls’ in the last few months while we were sailing, so I wanted to ensure she would at least float if she ended up going overboard while underway. The thing is….she can’t swim.

I learned that shortly after I adopted her. I was kayaking and when I left the shore she tried following me, but promptly began sinking. I guess her body is too dense and her legs are too short to keep her afloat.

In order to test it, I tied a lifeline to the handle of the life jacket and secured the other end to the boat. I simply lowered her into the water to make sure it kept her afloat. It worked like a charm. Gave her enough buoyancy to give her the sensation she was actually swimming. Initially she seemed a little afraid [who wouldn’t be??], but she quickly settled down and  I let her “swim” for about a minute or so.

I’ll definitely feel more secure now, knowing that if she were to inadvertently go for a swim while we’re underway, she’ll be safe until I can turn around to get her.


Karma taking a little swim. With a lifeline of course.

Does anyone else reading this have a boat dog? Do you use these?