There I was, relaxing onboard my boat with the soft sound of reggae music coming from the stereo. I take in the view of everything around me. My eyes focus the clinometer attached to the salon bulkhead.

On my Hunter sailboat, the clinometer was a basic compass/clinometer combination installed in the forward cockpit exterior bulkhead.

Hunter 25 clinometer

The Hunter clinometer wasn’t very attractive, but it was very competent at it’s job.

The clinometer on the Hunter was functional. It was easy to read, located in the cockpit where I didn’t have to look far to get readings.

The clinometer on my Catalina is located inside the main salon on the bulkhead wall. I can see it from the cockpit, but it’s not as easy. What it loses in readability though, it certainly makes up for in it’s captivating features. There’s just something striking about this clinometer.

Isn't that a sexy clinometer?

Isn’t that a sexy clinometer?

I read a quote a long time ago by John MacGregor that says “The perfection of a yacht’s beauty is that nothing should be there only for beauty’s sake.” I think this piece of equipment embodies that idea.