This post isn’t about sailing or boats or anything nautically related…just a little personal bit.

If you read my initial introduction to this blog, you’ll know I’m a police officer. What I haven’t mentioned before now is that as a result of an on duty injury I’ve been off work for the most part since the injury on May 12 of this year.

Long story short, I was involved in a fight during the arrest of a man who had just raped a woman.

He didn’t want to go to jail, so I had to convince him otherwise. He did make the trip to jail that day, but I had to make a trip to the hospital after booking him in. During the struggle, my pinky finger was dislocated which resulted in a torn tendon and ligament. Surgery followed a month later. Then physical therapy a month after that. All that was followed by a dreaded stint of “desk duty” which I initially abhorred, but I admit it sort of grew on me after a while.

Anyway, I guess this isn’t ‘short’ like I mentioned above, but I’m finally released back to full duty on patrol after follow up visits with the hand surgeon and the treating physician today. I’m feeling good about it. I’m ready to get back to my regular job even though, after six months, I might need some refresher training.  😉