I usually don’t like to consider myself a “dummy” about any subject. I take pride in educating myself about topics that are relevant to my goals and desires. That being said, I’m not at all afraid of being seen toting this Sailing For Dummies book around!

I’m educating myself about sailing, cruising and all things nautical lately. This book I bought yesterday is just one more link in the chain that will hopefully help me become more knowledgeable and competent when it comes to sailing.

I didn’t grow up on (or even near) the water, so I realize there’s a lot to be learned. I sometimes envy those people who grew up with sailing/boating in their families. The learning curve is much steeper for me, but I’m certainly giving it my all!Sailing for Dummies Book

I can’t wait till Spring when it’s time to actually get out on the water with proper sailing lessons. In the meantime, though, this’ll have to do.

Has anyone out there read this?